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Website Design


Website Design

Professional Artist & Author Website Design

Clean | Easy to Update | Searchable

What would happen if your website helped you be more professional rather than frustrating the daylights ou and/or your assistant how to maintain it, and were on hand to help whenever you got stuck?

If you have a website and just need some help with it, please give us a call so we can hear what you have in mind.

Our graphic design and self-publishing author services tend to cross-pollinate as a help to each project. We are experienced with content writing, editing, interviews, designing logos, and having suggestions for marketing. We’re like a vending machine

We can train you and/or your assistant on how to update your new site.

The cost of a custom website design varies depending on its complexity. Before we can provide a free estimate, we like to discuss your goals and budget, either in person or over the phone. Once we have a firm understanding of the project, we can then adjust how we approach the concept to fit within the required parameters.


  1. Give us a call ~ let’s talk
  2. Based on your goals, a mutual budget gets worked out
  3. Then the contract + 50% deposit so we can get started
  4. What’s your timeline? Six weeks or a little less is typical
  5. We share a Google Doc and help sort out what goes into the site
  6. We’ll show templates, color palettes, and font suggestions
  7. Tech talk about your site’s domain name, email, any ecommerce, etc.
  8. Tech tune of everything from keywords, to multiple device use
  9. When the site looks great, you’ll give us the go-ahead to LAUNCH
  10. Tech connections for search engines, proofing the live site
  11. Final invoice, and final finishings things in general
  12. Prep of your “How to login / edit” + teach/training
  13. Any other help you may need with social pages, graphics, etc.
  14. High fives!

Are you ready to start promoting your business with a custom website design? Call Amy at 503-590-0186.

Custom Website Design Examples