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SEO Light, SEO Bright, First SEO I See Tonight…

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not magic. If done correctly, it can help your website reach the audience you wish for, raise your site’s ranking and bring your business more clicks and calls. If you are not intimidated by technology and would like to gain an understanding of SEO, Google provides Webmaster Guidelines as well as Google 101. You can learn about how Google crawls, indexes and serves the web.

Real SEO requires research, methodical keyword placement, content writing/editing and light programming skills (html). We follow Google’s Webmaster Guidelines. We find a budget you can afford to put the wheels in motion for raising your site’s rankings. DWA also provides SEO maintenance plans and SEO tune-ups. Tell us your goals and we will prepare an SEO proposal. It won’t take a miracle – but it will take time, money and well designed website that follows the rules of SEO.

Know Before You SEO

Many Leads Groups prey on business owners who are not tech savvy. They use the promise of leads, free SEO and cheap websites as bait for their “catch of the day.” Yes, every business owner wants to save money on marketing, but SEO is not magic, and a website worth its purpose is not cheap. Know before you SEO. Save money, frustration and time by hiring a legitimate website design company with good references. Contact DesignWise Art for a free consultation.

We recently helped the long-time owner of a reputable painting company who was scammed by a Local Leads Group. During our website consultation she said, “I guess I’m just stupid,” to which I responded, “you’re not stupid – you’re learning.” She and her husband (who’ve done business for twenty-seven years) fell victim to a Local Leads Group who promised them an inexpensive website loaded with “really good SEO.” After launching a boring, keyword crammed site they quit taking her calls. Worst of all, the Local Leads Group hijacked her company’s domain name by registering it with their info, not hers. Read our Blog Article for more about web scams.

We’re very glad she was referred to DesignWise Art. We designed and launched her new website under an alternate domain and are working to get the real one back for her. Meanwhile, she has a professional, Google friendly business website with basic SEO. For a free consultation about your business website or SEO, call Amy at 503-590-0186.

Got Any Good SEO Tricks?

Of course we wish we did – if it were possible to “trick” Google, Bing or any other Search Engine, we’d be famous! But, like most things, the art of SEO requires an investment of time, skill and patience. Many business owners remember ask me whether keyword cramming works, but Google put the kibosh on that practice long ago. Keyword cramming is a real no-no. In fact, it’s bad for business. Here’s a summary of what Google says on the matter:

Basic Principles:

  • Avoid automatically generated content
  • Avoid participating in link schemes
  • Avoid creating pages with little or no original content
  • Make pages for users, not for search engines
  • Don’t deceive your users
  • Make your website unique, valuable and engaging