DesignWise Art has been in business since 1991 — and although our services have expanded from custom logo design and print materials (brochure design, catalogs and posters) to include website design, SEO and social marketing — personal service is still at the core of what we provide. We are always available for you ~ at-the-ready to collaborate on ads, site improvements, web campaigns ~ whatever you need to promote your business.

We are a versatile studio with low overhead and reasonable design rates. Once we understand your goals, we can prepare an estimate and walk through it with you. Estimates include a detailed task list that helps to give an overview of our process. We work collaboratively with you, showing plenty of proofs and doing what we can to give you extras so you can be marketing your business as soon as possible.

  • Custom logo design includes layout of a business card, and assistance with your printing company
  • Your new logo is packaged in many formats so you can start using it right away
  • With custom website design, we include the creation of a searchable placeholder landing page with critical information and an email link so you have a web presence while your new site is being designed and constructed

We’ll never be as cheap (or inexperienced) as a student designer, or as expensive as an agency with overhead.  Yes, we all want to spend less and get a good deal, but anyone in business knows that TIME is money. If your marketing materials do not attract the customers you need, then in a couple of years you’ll be wishing that you had invested more at the get-go on an experienced graphic designer who could help your business hit the target quicker.  If you are already in this situation, we can help! 

Our approach to graphic design is not one of gimmicks and instant-art. We strategize and create custom marketing materials that are modern and lasting – with messaging that gets to the marrow of your company and inspires your public to understand your business, make contact with you and to tell their friends.

Custom website design is more than the production of pages that are modern and appealing. These days, a good website designer must also have a talent for strategy and SEO. DesignWise Art will team up with you to produce a custom website that features well-organized, finger-snapping content that makes Google happy.

Give DesignWise Art a call today!

We will be glad to answer questions and prepare a custom website design proposal and/or company logo design estimate for you. We promise to listen, to be honest, and to make sure that the investment you’re making into your marketing materials does the best job possible in promoting the growth of your business.