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Looking for simple SEO tricks to attract new clients?


August 3, 2016

Looking for simple SEO tricks to attract new clients?


Here are a few simple SEO tricks you can use to help potential clients find your pages. But, after you read these SEO tips, you might feel a little like Dorothy in The Wizard of Oz ~ you can get started on your own. Yes it’s smart to work with a professional for the more intensive SEO work, but you can manage some or all of these simple SEO tricks by being mindful of how you construct your content.

Speak to the Individual

Websites don’t need to speak volumes but neither should they be picture books. Your public needs real information (especially since many may be searching for clues while your business is closed). You don’t have to give away your trade secrets, but don’t tease them as though your business is a baited hook. Be generous with as much information as you can and you will be rewarded with their appreciation when they contact you. Natural Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is about providing useful, relevant information within each of your pages. Use keywords in your headlines, simple bulleted lists and clearly written paragraphs with plenty of real information.

Be a Mind Reader

You already know their “top ten questions” because you and/or your staff answer them by phone on a regular basis. Answer their popular questions clearly in a separate FAQs page. If you’ve already done this, revisit your FAQs page and tune it up. After a few months your website search statistics will likely show that your FAQs page is gaining in popularity — because before people call or contact you – they research the dickens out of whatever it is that you provide/offer/sell. Searchers want as many answers as possible before contacting you.

Write the Nitty Gritty

Don’t duplicate content, no matter how tempting. Write specific, detailed information. Do not assume that the person who has found your article or page has also been to your Home page or knows anything more about your company than what they have linked into.

FOR INSTANCE, Bravo Bra Pads makes Full Push Up® and Triangle Ultra Shaper® swim shapers. These bra pad styles are also sought by dressmakers who are shopping for sew in bra pad inserts for bridal gowns (same product, different uses). But Google doesn’t like duplicate pages. The answer? Bravo uses simple SEO tricks by customizing each of their product descriptions into separate, useful pages with specific information so that those who search for “swim shapers” do not find themselves reading about wedding gown bra pads.

Take Time for Keywords

If you were the one searching for your service or product, what keyword phrase would you naturally use? Does the public know your industry and its terminology? A good way to find out is to do a test search using a keyword search tool. A quick, free way to find keywords is to use UberSuggest.

You may discover that your favorite keyword phrase isn’t as popular as you might imagine. Don’t get discouraged. Try a few other combinations and aim for a phrase that you can include in your website’s writing, in addition to yours. You may not like the keyword phrase that the public searches with.

FOR INSTANCE, would a senior living facility wish to be found via the keyword phrase of nursing home? Perhaps not. However, At present, the keyword phrase of “Oregon Senior Living” gives a return of zero searches per month, whereas “Oregon Nursing Home” gets twenty monthly searches.

Be Yourself

Put more energy into showing and telling the public who you are and what separates you from your competition. When it comes to simple seo tricks, the best approach is to continue writing good body copy for your site and/or blog, don’t try to be mysterious ~ stick to being clear, friendly and helpful. There is definitely a rhyme and a reason for hiring a professional SEO company, but while you’re growing towards that goal, adopt these natural SEO writing habits and you’ll be your way.