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Client Spotlight: Amodeo Structural Engineering


December 19, 2016

Client Spotlight: Amodeo Structural Engineering

As a thank you, DesignWise Art is promoting their client’s businesses from our Blog because we appreciate them and want to help their business grow. The goal is to promote who THEY are ~ their ideas and personality. So, we sent these questions to our clients and asked them to have some fun with their answers. This is what Rick Amodeo, from Amodeo Structural Engineering, had to say:


How did you come up with your name?

Inspiration of Genius.

What is a fun story from the early days in business?

One day a contractor-client stopped in my office to discuss a project and to drop off payment on a past-due invoice. He was sharply dressed and had a shiny new Ford F-350 pickup. And he paid me in cash ($100 bills). 6 months later he stopped in, but this time he was only “smart casual” and was driving an older Ford F-150 medium-sized pickup. He handed me a check. The last time I saw him, he stopped in and was wearing old jeans and was driving a dented Toyota pickup. He said that he’ll send me a check. I haven’t seen him since and he still owes me money! Sometimes you can pick your clients and sometimes you can’t!

What local organization is your company a part of and why?

The Structural Engineers Association of Oregon (SEAO) – it’s an excellent statewide branch of the NCSEA that devoted to the advancement and education of local structural engineers.

What’s happening in your world? Any news to share?

Building construction work is very busy right now and has completely rebounded from the project drought of 2008-2012.

Do you have any other comments for Amy?

I wish I had more scintillating things to share, but for now that’s all I can come up with…