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Sign design, don’t fail me now!


April 26, 2017

Sign design, don’t fail me now!

Every sign design sends a message.

Is your Oregon business sign design faded, mossy, out-dated or overgrown? Maybe it’s time for your sign design “makeover”.

Billboards, building signs and trade show banners are big, bold marketing systems. But, sign design can also be a total waste of money if the sign design looks bad, busy, is hard to read or has too many messages. Strong signs can really bring in business as long your visual is super simple and modern. Especially if you want people to understand it while driving at full speed, daydreaming, or distracted by the dog hanging out the window from the next lane over.

Yes, your public is generally preoccupied — bombarded by any number of life’s pressures while running errands or traveling across the country. Roadside billboards do earn their value as long as your branding is easy to see and understand.

What was that billboard sign for?!

When it comes to billboard design and business sign design, DesignWise Art says don’t put yourself in the corner! The public reads from LEFT TO RIGHT. No good sign designer should ever place the company brand in the bottom-right corner, and yet we see it every day. Or should we say, we DON’T see it.

1: WHY they should care
2: WHO you are

Most of the time a plain, simple background gets the job done. It can feel like a waste of white space, but when signs are sparce, they are easier to read and understand. If your goal is to have them remember your company, keep it plain and simple. Will they remember your company name if you show them an adorable animal or scenic shot? Perhaps not.

When done well, signs have focus, clarity and balance. Just for fun, we’ve done a “make-over” on a silly sign we found stuck to a telephone pole…a “before and after”. Just having fun here…but…which silly flyer is easier to read?

designwise art bad sign makeover