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Redman Consulting Branding


January 6, 2016

Redman Consulting Branding

New custom design for logo and branding for Redman Consulting by DesignWise Art.

Redman Consulting
Strategic Planning for a Changing Planet

Our client, Deborah Hart Redman, called and expressed an interest in developing a custom logo for her Policy Continuum website and branding materials. The logo design would include a modern “twist” on an infinity/mobius shape. The design criteria was for the logo to be elegant, optimistic, professional, and a little quirky ~ solid and visionary. During the logo’s development, we arrived at warm tones of oranges, yellows and pinks. The finished logo design was print-embossed on business cards in spot color with round corners. The logo was printed front and back as right-reading and reversed, which in addition to being attractive and balanced, also subtly emphasizes versatility, cleverness and “seeing things from all sides.”